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Genderfluid Flag Beach Towel

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Imagine yourself relaxing on this cozy soft genderfluid flag beach towel. This essential summer vacation accessory is simply a must-have if you wish to show off your gender fluid pride in a stylish way. Great for the beach, pool or spa and when you are back home use as bath towel, picnic blanket or at the gym. The towel makes a great gender fluidity identity gift for lots of different occasions including birthdays, travel or as coming out gift.

⭐Terry fabric microfiber Beach Towel.

This light-weight, cozy soft poly face beach towel with cotton terry underside is water absorbent and has a vibrant sublimation print on the poly face side, the underside is white. Perfect for vacations as it won't fill up your luggage or add too much bulk or weight. 

30 x 60”
75 x 150 cm

52% cotton
48% polyester